FoldStand Tablet Mini

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Folding is keeping! 

No more tired hands if you let your tablet stand upright. Thin as paper, foldable in an angle as stand for your tablet in portrait or landscape view. Unfold the FoldStand in an angle and it keeps your tablet upright vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape) on a flat surface.

FoldStand Tablet Mini can be applied and removed to your tablet without leaving any scratches or glue residue. Remove and re-stick it with the same effectiveness. In addition, you can use the FoldStand as a grip, put your fingers through the opening of the stand angle to use it as a grip in your hand. At the same time keep your tablet screen clean, because you don’t need to hold your tablet screen on the front side.

With a thickness as thin as paper it’s barely noticeable on your tablet. The FoldStand Tablet Mini is also reusable. You can wash it and use again.

The FoldStand Tablet Mini is suitable for tablets with a size of 7.9 inches. Do you have a larger tablet? Then take a look at the FoldStand Tablet.

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