ABOUT THE Powercube

The PowerCube was invented by two industrial design students at TU Delft, who found it silly that the first thing they often do at a meeting is dive under the conference table to plug in a laptop or beamer. They found it works much better with the PowerCube, the first individual product of Yixia Jiang and Arthur Limpens.

These two students started the company Allocacoc (read backwards ….)

Allocacoc’s vision is “a different standard”, which means that they look at everyday products, and take a critical look. Then they create a new standard. When they consider a product, a different design emerges than before.

PowerCube products for “Power branding”

Our products are extremely suitable for printing. They are original and durable to give as a promotional gift. 


With this Red-Dot-Award-winning smallest multi-functional power distributor in the world, you have multiple sockets and USB ports in one small socket. Due to the unique cube shape, plugs cannot overlap. The multiple plugs make it possible to connect any plug or adapter without overlap.

Socket design

The PowerCubes are available in different colours. The design of the PowerCube is innovative and stylish. Nowhere else can you find so many outlets and USB chargers in such a small socket.

The PowerCube Extended (USB) models have 4 or 5 sockets, 2 robust USB chargers and are equipped with a 1.5 or 3m cable. These two models are delivered along with a docking station. You can easily place the PowerCube on the wall or on a desk with the patented docking station supplied (horizontal, vertical and lower top).

The USB chargers on this power distributor charge your devices at lightning speed. Because the USB chargers have 2.1 A. output, the PowerCube can charge a device many times faster than via your computer or laptop.

The PowerCubes are delivered in beautifully-designed, environmentally-friendly and re-closable packaging.

The switchable Powercube extended remote set

This is a convenient and stylishly-designed switchable power strip with 4 built-in sockets. Due to the unique cube shape, plugs cannot overlap. The set can be switched on by pressing the button on the PowerCube, as well as with the supplied wire and battery-free remote control.

When multiple devices need to be put into standby mode, the PowerCube Remote Extended Set provides the solution. The power supply to the connected devices is disconnected at the touch of a button. This closes the printer, television screen, computer etc. immediately. Naturally, this innovative plug block is also ideal for connecting all your Christmas lights. With just one push, you can switch on all of your devices at a maximum distance of 25m.

The PowerCube Remote, which is user-friendly, offers a completely new standard. With just a touch of the large “Step-On” button on the PowerRemote, the PowerCube can be turned ON and OFF remotely. On the PowerCube itself, additionally, the PowerCube can also be turned ON and OFF.

The reusable tape on the remote control makes it possible to attach it to any clearly visible and accessible location so that it never gets lost. In addition, the modular design ensures that the PowerRemote can be connected to multiple PowerCubes and vice versa to meet your personal requirements. Finally, the PowerRemote uses NO BATTERIES. This avoids the hassle of empty batteries and also protects the environment. The PowerRemote works on “Kinetic Energy”. You can simply place the PowerCube on the wall or on a desk with the patented docking station supplied (horizontal, vertical and lower top).

Travel plug PowerCube Rewirables

With this multifunctional stylish travel plug, equipped with 4 or 5 sockets and 2 USB ports, a whole new standard has been set for travel plugs.

The idea of this multifunctional travel plug is that the power block can be used in combination with TravelPlugs. In addition to three plugs, types B, G and I (UK, USA, Australia), it is also supplied with a 1m IEC cable 3 * 1.0mm2, including a Schuko (European standard) plug. This IEC cable (power cable for computer, printer, monitor, scanner, etc.) can be plugged into the back of the PowerCube. This means that the PowerCube Rewirable Duo USB can be used as an extension cord and as a travel plug all year round!

This unique product solves all shortcomings of travel plugs!
Other travel plugs have numerous shortcomings:

  • Safety: most travel plugs cannot be certified because of their dimensions.
  • Only one power point: nowadays we travel with several electronic devices.
  • Travel plugs are only used when travelling. They have no function at home and often disappear in a drawer or cabinet. Sad to hear…
  • The reuse of old products is environmentally friendly! The PowerCube ReWirable models are designed to promote the reuse of old IEC cables.