Our mission is to improve the design and function of existing products, and for those products to be used worldwide.


We want to be the company that inspires you with products from a new standard. By this, we mean that we look at everyday products with a critical eye and project our new standard upon them.

This creates a smart design with great functionality.

To be able to set a new standard, we consider several points of interest:


Our new product must offer a clear added value.


A beautiful shape alone cannot reveal major improvements. That is why functionality is important. A new product must offer a solution to the problems of the existing product.

Sales and distribution

Our products must be widely available, from the largest supermarket to the smallest neighbourhood store. We are still looking for distributors of our products in different markets. Are you a distributor and do you want to include the PowerCube in your collection? Then contact us and ask about the possibilities. We are happy to help!

Collective and individual responsibility

We are proud to practice chain management. Our products are controlled at every level of the production process to prevent waste. Our mind is green!

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