Are you looking for a sustainable promotional, collaborative, premium or end-of-year gift? The PowerCube is a product that everyone can use and is both useful and durable. This “Dutch Design” is a clear promotional design that advertises for you every day by sitting at numerous desks. Printed with your logo – we take care of that! – the PowerCube is a real eye-catcher. This is PowerBranding! Of course, we can also give you advice for an original printing of your PowerCubes, AudioCubes, 3 in 1 USB charging cables and DAX wallets.


The power of business gifts is often underestimated. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, gifts have been given away to valued customers. Nowadays, a lot of money is spent on marketing through channels such as radio, written media and television. Giving business gifts often costs much less money than advertising, and the range is many times greater. We will explain this further below.

Various studies show that as many as 90% of people use an item every day that they have received as a promotional gift, for example, a pen, a mug, a power bank or keychain. In addition, it appears that more than half of these people often also know who they received these items from and remember the moment when they received the gift. This number is no less than twice as high as television or radio advertising. Only 25% of people can remember a brand when seeing or hearing an advertisement on television and/or radio. Check with yourself if this is correct for you too.

The PowerCube is used every day, standing on a desk as a sign of your relationship throughout the year. It’s the ultimate mix for guaranteed “PowerBranding”.

A gift is always nice to get

The greatest strength of business gifts is the appreciation you get from the people who receive it. People always like to get presents and can wholly appreciate it as a show of excellent cooperation. It is, of course, important that you have the business gifts printed with a logo of your organisation or a nice personal message. In addition, try to be original! Originality creates a smile on the face of people. We, or your preferred supplier of business gifts, can help you create an out-of-the-box idea.

Go for sustainable business gifts

Nowadays, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important concept. The moment you start giving sustainable promotional gifts, then you actually give a double gift to your customers. Customers greatly appreciate getting a product that will last for many years.

Sustainable innovation and design, however, is not only about new technologies, but also about considering how to meet the need for growth while reducing negative environmental and social impacts. Sustainability usually integrates these three elements: environmental, social and economic. In industrial design, sustainability is the new standard for product design, and in turn, product innovation is essential for economic growth.

At PowerCubes we believe that sustainability is now an important engine for innovation. In times of increased mobility, sustainable products must meet the needs of global citizens across continents.

In 2017, we were nominated for the PSI Sustainability Awards for our PowerCube ReWirable Duo USB product, and are therefore very honoured that our product has been named by the PSI as “Recommended Product 2017.”

The Sustainability Awards were created to draw more attention to the balance between economy, ecology and social aspects. Transparency and valid documentation are indispensable here. The awards are not just awards, they offer recognition for performance in the field of sustainability.

The idea behind this travel adapter is a sustainable solution for frequent travellers. This multifunctional travel plug can be used in most countries around the world. And when you are not travelling, the PowerCube Rewirable can also be used as an extension cable in the house.

On 7 September 2018 we again won the “Recommended product 2018” award. Now with the PowerCube Extended Monitor.

The message we want to convey is that saving energy does not necessarily means spending more time and effort. The PowerCube Monitor is easy to use, functional, and provides a stylish addition to your home.

The PowerCube Extended Monitor: it shows you where you might be wasting energy unnecessarily so you can change your habits and cut costs. In addition, the energy used will be translated into monetary value. This heightened awareness incentivizes consumers to simply turn off the power when not in use to save both energy and money.

We wanted to create something that is both user-friendly and can communicate the daily and monthly running costs of specific household appliances. So for example, when you turn on the oven you can see exactly how much energy you are using.

Part of Premium Square Group

As of July 2022 the company is part of Premium Square Group, a leading international specialist supplier of choice for branded, creative, functional and durable gifts. The product range offers exclusive brands and custom-made possibilities and is designed to surprise and to create long-lasting impact. The dedicated service, supplied by experienced industry experts, is personal and professional. Premium Square Group is active in both B2B and B2C markets, working closely together with carefully selected partners. The company offers over 300 products from 6 exclusive brands and 8 sales offices distributing to customers in over 25 countries. Read more at

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