Give your hotel guests new energy.

Hotel guests bring their smartphone, tablet or laptop and use them 24/7 for telephony, streaming, social media, e-mail, listening to music, etc. Nowadays people have more and more devices with them and there is often a shortage of power points.

Impress your guests with the PowerCube Extended Duo USB

The PowerCube is made of high-quality materials to guarantee maximum quality and safety. All power points are equipped with a child safety device and the PowerCube Extended Duo USB has a 1.5mm2 VDE cable and has the well-known TÜV quality mark.

Deze originele gadget zal dagelijks door uw gasten worden gebruikt en verrijkt uw interieur. De PowerCube is dan ook bekroond met de felbegeerde ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

De PowerCube Extended Duo USB is uitermate geschikt om te laten bedrukken en het product staat altijd in het zicht bij uw gasten, dus….. het gehele jaar door “ PowerBranding”

Zo geeft u uw hotelgast niet alleen nieuwe energie maar brengt u ook nog eens uw hotelnaam en logo extra onder de aandacht.

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Give your guests luxury and freedom

With the PowerCube(s), your guests can effortlessly charge all their devices, from smartphones to laptops, in one convenient location. The intelligent overvoltage protection guarantees the safety of their valuable electronics.
In today’s digitally connected world, electricity is more than just a utility: it’s a lifeline for travelers. For hotel guests, the ability to charge their phones and laptops isn’t just a convenience; it is an essential part of their stay. Let’s take a look at why providing easy access to electricity is crucial for improving guest satisfaction and the overall hotel experience.
Guests rely on their devices to stay connected to loved ones, navigate to unfamiliar places and access important information. A charged phone or laptop is their gateway to the world, and hotels that prioritize this need create a lasting positive impression.
Empower your guests: the crucial role of electricity in hotel stays
Business travelers in particular need a reliable power source to stay productive. Whether you’re preparing for a meeting or wrapping up a presentation, a dead laptop battery can be a major setback. Providing accessible electrical outlets in rooms and common areas meets these needs.
Many travelers unwind by streaming movies or watching their favorite shows. Hotels that provide easily accessible power outlets ensure that guests can enjoy their choice of entertainment without interruption.
Upgrade your hotel’s guest experience and increase efficiency with the PowerStrip. It’s not just a power strip; it is a game-changer in the world of hospitality technology.

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The PowerCube Extended Duo USB can already be found in many hotels throughout Europe. This includes Hilton, Accor (including all IBIS hotels), Crown Plaza, all The Student Hotels and many others. We guarantee positive reactions from your guests!

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