HENG Balance Lamp Ellipse + PowerCube Extended Duo USB Type E – Belgium/France


39,95 36,95

HENG Balance Lamp Ellipse (White, Red, Black)

The Henglamp Plastic Elipse has taken the simple concept of light and raised it to a different standard. Eye-catching, creative and expertly designed, this is the lamp of the future. The ellipse shape is 40cm high. As the largest of the three designs, this product is a radiant addition your home or workplace.
19,50 18,04

PowerCube Extended Duo USB Type E - Belgium (Blue, Gray, Green and Red)

The PowerCube Extended DUO-USB is an ideal blend of design and practicality. Its multifunctional cube shape enhances efficiency. The many sides allow you to charge multiple devices at once. Two USB charging points reduce the need for too many awkward plugs, and by powering straight from the socket, you don’t lose energy like when charging through a laptop. So any phone, GPS, camera or MP3 will charge rapidly, saving you valuable time. Type E is used in Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Tunisia and Morocco.